Roland Falls Auto Body, Baltimore MD
Roland Falls Auto Body, Baltimore MD

Car Care Tips for your Vehicle from Roland Falls Auto Body of Baltimore, MD

These steps will help minimize potential automotive problems before they occur.


Our recommended car care tips:

  • Weekly inspection of tires, oil level, and all other fluids at fill up. Check for depth of tires tread and your spare tire. Check wiper blades.
  • Change oil every 3k miles (regular oil) and 5k miles (synthetic oil)
  • Rotate tires every 6 months or at 9k miles (with regular oil change) or 10k miles (with synthetic oil change), Inspect brakes at same time.
  • Do your car maintenance's on time, and change appropriate fluids at:15k, 30k, 60k, 90k miles maintenances, Timing belt change interval
  • Change air and cabin filter (if equipped) every 10k miles or once a year.
  • Change Brake fluids, Antifreeze, Transmission, and Power steering fluids every 30k miles.
  • Change fuel filter (if equipped externally) and flush the Fuel injection system every 30k miles.
  • As you drive your car be alert to any new sounds it makes, and the alignment of your wheels.
  • Replace any burned out light bulbs ASAP, to prevent being stopped for safety repair warning.
  • Please remember to also follow your particular manufacturer's maintenance schedule for your vehicle.
  • Have your car detailed every 6 months in order to preserve the beauty of the vehicle.
  • Wash off sap and bird waste as soon as possible to prevent paint damage.
  • Drive Safely and Please No Texting!

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